Why Us?

ReadingStar English center is one of the first centers applying Reading-based curriculum in teaching English in Korea and in Vietnam. ReadingStar have been studying and applying Reading-based curriculum for more than 15 years. We are constantly improving to increase the quality of this very new English teaching methodology. As a new teaching method for students and parents, ReadingStar has demonstrated the effectiveness of Reading-based teaching method in every classroom, activities in our center. Each generation of our students has the same level of English compared to native students. Our students are not only good at English, but they are also independent, have knowledge about general social issues, and constantly try to achieve their own dreams.

In Vietnam, ReadingStar is receiving more and more trust from parents with our new teaching method through the continuous improvement of our dear students through semesters. All of our students are ReadingStar‘s pride, which giving us the belief and confidence to achieve ReadingStar big dream.